Arsenal Leeds: prediction and rate of Arthur Petrosyan

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Talking about a League Cup match. Leeds doesn’t really need this match. The team is in a difficult position. Only one victory in the last 9 matches, and the upcoming game with Norwich is much more important than this tournament, which few people need. Moreover, Leeds has no particular prospects of winning it.

Little is coming from what Bielsa’s team previously did this season. The pressure is no longer so effective, the realization of the chances, well, the defense just because of the insufficient pressure of the beginning will allow what it did not allow before.

The staffing situation is also not the best. Bamford, one of the Premier League’s top center forwards, is out. Rafinha, one of the best attacking midfielders, is also eliminated. Phillips is out, Elling, who is one of the most irreplaceable players on the team. In general, all this is the reason for the current failures of Yorkshire people.

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Arsenal is slowly acquiring a more or less bearable look. Party is back, Aubameyang started playing at a decent level. Maybe he has not yet reached his usual level, but he is progressing, and in general, the team is gradually returning to the European Cup zone, where Arsenal now belongs. It is unlikely that this is a top-4 or top-5 Premier League team.

The line-up that will play in this match, Arsenal will clearly be stronger. Bielsa will renew the squad by 80 percent, and Arteta will put up all the reservists who usually come on as replacements. Their level is clearly higher. There are Pepe, Martinelli, and others. With the support of their fans in this game, Arsenal is the clear favorite.

Regarding the rates, this is a simple W1 for 1.70. If you increase the coefficient a little, then you can add a total of more than 1.5 goals. It seems to me that two goals should be scored here. W1 and TB (1.5) for a deuce is also a good option.

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